The Lean Stack contains one bottle each of SR9009, GW-1516, Ostarine, and MK-677.

***Shake well before each use.***

***Intended for research purposes only.***

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SR-9009, Gw1516, Mk 677, MK-2866 for sale online

SR-9009, Gw1516, Mk 677, MK-2866 for sale online is very similar to the anabolic compound Dvar. Like Dvar, is designed to reduce body fat, but it can simultaneously increase lean body mass as well. Notably, Ostarine has the best muscle tissue healing ability than all other SARMs too. With that in mind, it allows you to work out harder and see better gains. Thanks to its fat-burning abilities and the ability to increase lean body mass, Ostarine is great for the cutting phase. Even when you are on a calorie deficit, Ostarine allows you to maintain high training intensity thanks to the reduced muscle degeneration.

SR-9009, Gw1516, Mk 677, MK-2866 online

Ibutamoren (MK-677) technically isn’t a SARM. Rather, it is a growth hormone secretagogue, which essentially means that it signals the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. In terms of effect, Ibutamoren is similar to IGF-1 Lr3 or MGF, but it doesn’t have side effects and doesn’t require administration via injection. Ibutamoren is administered orally instead. MK-677 has been shown to increase the release of growth hormone and IGF-1 and maintain their elevated levels for up to 24 hours. Thanks to the increase in growth hormone secretion, Ibutamoren allows for faster recovery and harder workout sessions.

SR-9009, Gw1516, Mk 677, MK-2866 for sale

The long-term effects of MK-677 include increased muscle mass and bone mineral density. MK-677 may also be able to alter the metabolism of body fat and positively impact sleep. The primary effect of Stenabolic (SR-9009) is fat loss, but it is also capable of eliminating and replacing damaged mitochondria. Aside from that, Stenabolic allows you to train harder, which indirectly contributes to muscle mass. So although Stenabolic isn’t quite intended for building lean muscle, it might be used to reduce fat while maintaining and perhaps even increasing muscle mass.

SR-9009, Gw1516, Mk 677, MK-2866

GW501516 ▸  Incredible fat loss properties ▸  Increased metabolism ▸  Prevents obesity ▸  Increased cardiovascular endurance and resistance (known for this) ▸  Increased Immune System ▸  Heals skin diseases ▸  Improved blood flow ▸  Heals tendons, ligaments and wounds
clients rating 4.3%

1 month cycle, 2 months cycle, 3 months cycle, 6 months cycle

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