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Primobolan 100mg online

Primobolan 100mg online is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is also popularly known by the name Methenolone. Like other steroids, Primo was intended for therapeutic purposes. It was supposed to be used in patients experiencing muscle wasting due to terminal illnesses. Initial studies showed it was effective for treating osteoporosis as well as malnutrition. However, it became more popular in the sports and bodybuilding scene than in the medical field.

Primobolan 100mg online in USA

Primobolan has been around for decades. It used to be a very popular bodybuilding drug in the 1970s and 80s. Some athletes were even reported to be using the drug to enhance performance before competitions. Primo, just like other steroids, was later on banned in all competitive sports. The United States Food and Drug Administration also banned the use and distribution of this and 39 other anabolic steroids in 1989.

Primobolan 100mg online in UK

But bodybuilders are notorious for not following safety or legal warnings. Primo is still available to date. A few professional athletes have also been reported to be using the performance enhancer. Most recently was American baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Primobolan is very popular, but it is not the most potent anabolic steroid around. Its effects are totally dwarfed by the likes of Dianabol, Anadrol, and Tren. However, what makes it stand out is the significantly lower risk of adverse reactions.

Primobolan 100mg online in Australia

Compared to the same anabolic steroids, Primo is so much safer, and that’s why it has always looked like a viable option for the many bodybuilders who want the benefits of the drug but without the nasty side effects.

Sadly, even with its mild nature, Primo is still not entirely safe. Multiple cases of severe medical complications have been reported over the years.

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Another general disadvantage of Primo is its insanely high price. A single vial of Primobolan Depot, the injectable version of the steroid, can cost up to $100! The oral form is also not cheap at all.

How does Primobolan Work?

Primobolan increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in the muscle tissues, increasing anabolic activities, which allows your body to build muscles at a faster rate. However, the general impact of this steroid is not very substantial. Therefore, the muscle gains it delivers are not very impressive.

What Primo is really good at is preserving lean muscle mass. This makes it an ideal option if you are entering the cutting phase and want to keep your existing muscle gains intact.

Buy Methenolone online

Primobolan may also be effective for boosting red blood cell count. Again, its impact is subtle but just enough to increase your RBC and the benefits that come with it.

Lastly, Primo is said to be good at inducing lipolysis. It reduces fatty tissues resulting in overall fat loss and an increase in energy


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