Superdrol 10mg


Superdrol for sale

Superdrol for sale is the brand name for Methasterone, an oral anabolic steroid that was first described in 1956 by Syntex; the same pharmaceutical company that formulated Anadrol 50 and Masteron.

Syntex was attempting to find an azo compound with anti-tumor properties (1).

In late 2004, Superdrol was sold by Designer Supplements LLC via the internet (2).

Superdrol was incorrectly marketed and sold as a pro-hormone, in an attempt to bypass the Steroids Control Act of 1990.

Superdrol 10mg for sale

Superdrol developed somewhat of a cult following due to its potent effects; able to build significant amounts of lean muscle, without any water retention.

SUPERdrol was a fitting name for such a powerful over-the-counter product.

Matt Cahill, the owner of Designer Supplements, claimed the first batch of Superdrol sold out within 15 minutes of being available online; selling 2,200 bottles in total.

Designer Supplements later agreed to a licensing agreement with Anabolic Resources, allowing them to sell Superdrol in return for a lump sum, plus royalties (totaling around $182,000).

However, in 2006 the FDA issued a warning, stating that Anabolic Resources‘ Superdrol contained an unapproved steroid compound (3), being Methasterone. Consequently, it was pulled from the market.

Superdrol Benefits

There is some debate as to how effective Superdrol really is.

This is due to it being sold on the black market, where products are often counterfeited or diluted.

However, bodybuilders able to get real Mesthasterone, often describe it as one of the most potent anabolic steroids on the market (alongside Trenbolone).

Lean Muscle & Strength

Superdrol has the power to add 15-20lbs of lean muscle via a cycle, as well as enhancing strength to record levels.

Generally, bodybuilders won’t gain more than 20lbs on Superdrol, because those who take it are already advanced steroid users, who’ve used many compounds before.

Thus, making huge gains with a new steroid is unrealistic, as most muscle and strength gains are experienced during the first few steroid cycle(s).

However, due to Superdrol’s sheer power, it is capable of taking a user’s gains to the next level (including advanced steroid users).

Methasterone 10mg for sale

Bodybuilders and powerlifters have suffered serious injuries when taking Superdrol, due to strength levels increasing excessively in a short period of time. One user ripped his abdominal wall and developed a hernia whilst performing heavy tricep pushdowns on Superdrol; later needing emergency surgery (4).

Thus, it is possible to get too strong too fast on Superdrol. Therefore, we encourage users to use caution and not lift as heavy as possible, reducing the likelihood of injury.

No Water Retention

Superdrol doesn’t aromatize and convert to estrogen, thus virtually all weight gain will be in the form of lean muscle.

Therefore, a lean physique can continue looking aesthetic and ripped; contrary to other bulking steroids which often compromise muscle definition (with extracellular fluid accumulating).

Superdrol does not cause high levels of estrogen or progesterone, thus gynecomastia is not an issue with this oral.

Superdrol for sale in USA

Superdrol is known for its incredible glycogen uptake inside the muscle cells, causing very full and pumped muscles. Pumps in the gym are likely to be intense, whilst a constant semi-pump is typically maintained outside of the gym.

Superdrol is arguably the most powerful steroid for pumps, which may be a downside to those susceptible of painful lower back pumps (when performing heavy deadlifts).

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